My goal, as your general dentist, is to identify, diagnose, and treat dental disease and to help keep your mouth in optimum condition. Maintaining optimal dental health however, is a team effort in which you, the patient, are a copartner in practicing proper dental home care to help maximize the longevity of dental treatment received in our office. Health risks to be avoided are smoking, chewing tobacco and sugar loaded diets, which can adversely affect even the best efforts in maintaining healthy teeth. Proper home care includes efficient brushing and flossing to remove plaque, which is the primary causative factor in periodontal disease. There are many aids to help you achieve plaque control including Sonicare toothbrushes, Proxibrushes, Water-Pic irrigation, floss-aids, and anti-plaque mouth rinses. My hygienist and I are more than happy to advise you in achieving proper oral health.

Your initial visit involves several procedures, all having equal importance for your dental health.

  • A complete review of your health history,
  • Comprehensive oral evaluation including necessary digital x-rays, hard and soft tissue exam, with oral cancer screening.
  • Condition of your existing fillings and crowns will be evaluated.
  • More importantly, your expectations and concerns as well as your goals in achieving dental health will be prioritized and implemented in your treatment plan.

It is highly important, once your oral health is achieved, to maintain regular recall visits, which are necessary for the level of care, and to head off any minor dental issues before they become major and expensive concerns.