Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry has changed dramatically with the introduction of bonded restorations that include tooth colored fillings.  These are stronger, not temperature sensitive, and   are much more esthetically pleasing than older silver fillings.  Porcelain and composite restores the tooth to esthetic appearance and function as it conservatively replaces tooth structure lost to decay, fracture, and erosion.  In doing so, your smile is enhanced as stains, gaps and misshapen teeth are restored to lifelike appearance.

Crowns can now be made of pure porcelain that rivals the strength of gold with much more realistic results.  All porcelain crowns can now be bonded in place so they become almost as one with the tooth and in the process help eliminate sensitivity and dark unaesthetic margins.

Dental Bridges can replace missing teeth by preparing crowns on support teeth, which are cemented in place.  They fill in spaces and support the dentition so no drift or tipping of the remaining teeth will continue which would affect your bite and thus cause TMJ symptoms.

Implants however, have rapidly replaced bridges in treatment choices in restoring missing teeth.  They have become one of the greatest advances in modern dentistry to date.  Implants allow replacement of lost teeth without utilizing adjacent teeth as support structures, which, in turn, could compromise their strength and integrity.  An implant is a titanium root form surgically placed in the boney confines of the upper or lower jaw. Over a period of 3-6 months it becomes one with the bone in a process called osteointegration. After this healing process, the implant fixture is uncovered and a gold, titanium or zirconia porcelain abutment or attachment unit is placed, on which a porcelain crown can be cemented forming a completely self-supporting replacement tooth.  Other uses for implants can be to support and firmly attach full dentures so they remain stable and comfortable. Please feel free to make a consultation appointment to explore this exciting option in restorative dentistry.